Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

The only solution for BIM design of bridges and tunnels in Autodesk® Revit®

The SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler is your powerful extension for Autodesk® Revit® for modeling axis-based, parametric bridge and tunnel structures in 3D. Especially in the early design phases, engineers benefit from the comprehensive functionalities for complete and efficient design
in the fields of bridge and tunnel construction. The superior parametric technology combined with the adaptability to local and company standards and flexible exchange formats make the SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler (SBIM)
your ideal BIM solution for safe, fast and open design and modeling of bridges and tunnels in Revit®.

Your benefits at a glance


With superior parametric technology,
you reliably receive consistent data for safe design throughout the entire project processing period, even in the event of changes.

Features that make the SBIM your reliable tool:


  • Fully parametric for axis, superstructures, substructures, parapets, and railings
  • Quantification / QTO tools allow you to extract the length, area and volume data from created and placed components
  • 3D modeling of all bridge types:
    e.g., (multi-girder) beam bridges, box girder bridges, precast bridges, arch bridges and truss bridges




The parametric input option of the SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler allows for variation studies, which significantly accelerate your bridge and tunnel design process.

Features that make the SBIM your efficient tool:


  • Effortlessly create bridge sub- and superstructure components using parametric profiles and axis geometry
  • Intelligent generation of bridge equipment elements such as parapets and railings
  • Automatic generation of section views and plan views as well as longitudinal section representation with vertical alignment information
  • Easy update of longitudinal section cuts in the case of modifications


Sophisticated exchange formats allow you to work with external axis data and transfer relevant data directly to the calculation software. You remain flexible and BIM-compliant in your overall project planning.

Features that make the SBIM your flexible tool:


  • Create 3D bridge axis using alignment information, imported external files (e.g. Civil 3D, LandXML) or tables with coordinate points 
  • Import digital terrain models in LandXML format and generate volumes out of this terrain
  • Easy transfer of the most important bridge data to the SOFiSTiK calculation software
  • Create a 3D solid model of all structures created using the SOFiSTiK Structural Model



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