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The proven and future-proof 2D solution for construction and reinforcement based on AutoCAD®

SOFiCAD is your cost-effective 2D solution for all the challenges associated with reinforcement design in civil engineering.
The wide range of applications covers all building typologies and allows efficient project planning and the implementation of reinforcement for both building construction and civil engineering projects. Thanks to proven SOFiCAD functionalities, not only smaller projects but also complex and extensive reinforcement projects can be processed quickly and reliably.

As a proven but future-proof 2D CAD solution, alongside the necessary tools for traditional 2D reinforcement planning and common working methods such as 3D formwork / 2D reinforcement, SOFiCAD also offers ideal expansion options with SOFiSTiK's 3D solutions for an easy entry into the world of BIM and all the advantages of seamless processes.


SOFiCAD is available to you both as a modularly expandable solution in the subscription model and
as a purchase solution with an integrated AutoCAD® OEM core (SOFiCAD OEM / SOFiCAD OEM ALL).



Your benefits at a glance


SOFiCAD offers the security of one of the most successful solutions for reinforcement planning on the German market.

Features that make SOFiCAD your reliable tool

  • Familiar AutoCAD commands like copy, move, mirror etc. provide easy adaptability
  • Remain in full control:  the SOFiCAD functions let you safely controll all the information about the placed reinforcement
  • SOFiCAD's intelligent blocks ensures that information is always up -to-date and that the user remains in control over every step


The proven technology allows you to
work through your reinforcement projects quickly.

Features that make SOFiCAD your cost-effective tool:

  • SOFiCAD OEM does not require a subscription or licensing of the base technology platform
  • Based on the AutoCAD core, learning to use the tool is a fast process
  • The possibility to revert to existing drawing templates reduces your working time and significantly accelerates plan creation



SOFiCAD offers simple data exchange with all
project partners and clients thanks to its AutoCAD core.

Features that make SOFiCAD your
open tool:

  • Reliable FEA result checking independent of SOFiSTiK FEA. SOFiSTiK's open system architecture also allows testing of *.asf, *.dat or *.fsx files
  • Optimal combination with SOFiSTiK's 3D BIM solutions and easy connection to solutions from the Revit environment
  • By means of the Object Enabler Installer, drawings can be sent directly to the reviewing engineer for review







SOFiCAD - Overview of modules


SOFiCAD Detailing

Detailing Module

Creation of formwork-, position- and shop drawings. Contains all functionalities and elements required for structural design drawings such as associative dimensioning, level marks, hatching, symbols, etc.


SOFiCAD Reinforcement

SOFiCAD Reinforcement

Reinforcement module

Steel bar and mesh layout for any reinforcing situation, seamless integration with AutoCAD, flexible settings for office standards using styles, direct generation of the schedule, user-defined shapes, macros to create parametric members, and much more

SOFiCAD Alignment

Alignment Module

Draw any number of specified routes
with axes, gradients, and slope bands, tapered/widened regular cross-sections
with including level marks, any number of coordinate systems with addition constants and associated stakeout points


Check, Production and layout plans for BAMTEC tailored reinforcement carpets

Fully automatic creation of carpets including all required drawings within one file, subsequent arrangement of areas, extensive editing functions, additional areas with different options

SOFiCAD Plan Management

Simplified plan management

Project journal, organization of all the
plan’s attributes, individual plotting,
automatic update of plan data,
management of all drawings of the project, search functionalities, direct opening of the drawings

SOFiCAD Steelwork

Steelwork Module

Creation of plans and shop drawing with schedules



Resources and current topics


Here you can find helpful information about SOFiCAD/SOFiCAD OEM as well as the release notes.



Go to documentation



Make use of our videos to learn more about the functionalities and application possibilities associated with SOFiCAD.


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  • What are the advantages of SOFiCAD compared to other 2D reinforcement software?

    As well as being a traditional 2D CAD solution, SOFiCAD also keeps all doors open to the digital future of reinforcement design. SOFiCAD can be easily combined with our 3D solutions in the Revit environment, paving the way for seamless BIM processes or the 3D formwork / 2D reinforcement working method.

  • How does SOFiCAD support BIM processes?

    With SOFiCAD, the beginning and end of information utilization takes place in accordance with the BIM concept, which not only focuses on the processing of graphic content, but also on the continuous and consistent utilization of information. In this respect, 2D can also be "BIM". Reinforcement specifications can be imported directly from the SOFiSTiK FEM solutions. Once the reinforcement planning has been completed, it can be checked whether the required reinforcement proportions have been implemented in the reinforcement plans. SOFiCAD therefore not only creates additional security, but also increases the quality of your reinforcement designs and takes the first step towards BIM.
    Thanks to BIM-based results, the transition from the planning to the construction phases is pioneering when required and allows you to make consistent use of the results for a smooth transition between planning and production.

  • Which solutions can be used to extend SOFiCAD?

    SOFiCAD can be combined with other solutions from the SOFiSTiK product family at any time. Especially in the area of reinforcement planning, the 3D solution SOFiSTiK Reinforcement   creates a smooth transition to fully-digital reinforcement planning and working in line with BIM methodology.

  • What are the prices for SOFiCAD?

    SOFiCAD is a cost-efficient solution for 2D reinforcement. For detailed information on prices and conditions for SOFiCAD, please contact our sales team at .