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Whether you are interested in SOFiSTiK products, would like to receive an offer or have questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

My license is about to expire. What should I do?
For security reasons, we have delivered all CODEMETER dongles with a time-limited license. Please start the Desktop App „License Manager“ for
a license update. A detailed description can be found in our administration manual.


Where can I find further help and examples?
In our Infocenter and on the SOFiSTiK YouTube channel you can find webinars, tutorials and examples. For more detailed explanations of finite element products, please refer to the verification manuals, and the manuals which are all available through the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) help menu.


I bought the software after the test phase of the trial version and received a license file. The message "trial version expired" now appears. What should I do?
To be able to work with your regular license, first delete the license of the trial version. To do this, open the CODEMETER control center, select the trial version license in the "licenses" tab and click on "delete license". A detailed description can be found in our administration manual.


How are SOFiSTiK products compatible with Autodesk products and operating systems?
Please note our version matrix.