Bridge Design

The widely used modular concept of the SOFiSTiK FE software has especially enabled generations of bridge designers to do their challenging job. Ranging from parametric design of frame bridges to force optimization and shop form computations of large span post-tensioned concrete and steel bridges. Specalist features like soil-structure interaction, wind-dynamics and seismic simulations enhance the applicability. Besides the parametric input language CADINP, the graphical Computer Aided Bridge Design (CABD) technology offers state-of-the-art input using SOFiPLUS based on Autodesk® AutoCAD®. The SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) controls the computation tasks with a graphical workflow.


  • CABD-Technology: Axis based input with parametric master cross sections. Variables and formulas allow the description of complex models with automatic FE meshing.
  • SOFiPLUS: AutoCAD based input for 3D structures with graphical tendon and cross section editor.
  • FE sectional analysis for concrete-, steel- and composite sections (shear deformations, warping and nonlinear temperature)
  • Consideration of sectional construction stages (e.g. precast section with in-situ concrete)
  • Construction Stage and Design Manager (CSM): Construction stage analysis and design manager for many construction methods and codes.
  • Enhanced features: Nonlinear shell elements (cracked concrete, steel yielding), Rolling Stock and seismic design.
  • BIM: IFC (structural view) Interface with Dynamo and Revit data exchange.

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