SOFiSTiK Trial Version

All current programs and solutions from SOFiSTiK for structural engineering and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are now available to you free and with no obligation for 30 days. The installation of the SOFiSTiK Application Manager makes it easy for you to test different programs independently of one another.  Just install the SOFiSTiK Application Manager for easy access to all our current software products

Optimize your workflows, increase your productivity, and save valuable time with SOFiSTiK products and services. 

Are you a student, teacher, or lecturer? Then our SOFiSTiK educational version is just the right thing for you.


SOFiSTiK Application Manager

Starting a trial is easy:

1. Download and install the SOFiSTiK Application Manager (SAM).

2. Install any program you’d like to test.

3. Click on the Activate Trial Version button.

4. Fill out the form with your contact information.

5. You will receive a code from us in an email.

6. Enter the code and click “Verify”.

That's it! Now you're ready to discover the limitless possibilities of SOFiSTiK.