Newsletter May 2024 - SOFiSTiKated: Your home to boost your BIM projects in UK & Ireland

SOFiSTiKated is our new UK base to address an increasing demand in the building sector for our smart and efficient BIM workflow.


Newsletter April 2024 - SOFiSTiK at the International Bridge Conference® in San Antonio, Texas

We are excited to announce that we will be an exhibitor at the International Bridge Conference® 2024 in San Antonio, Texas. It is presented by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania and is planned by an all-volunteer group.


Newsletter March 2024 - Webinar Recording: Dehar River Cable-Stayed Bridge

Did you miss our recent webinar on efficient and effective cable-stayed bridge design? Then watch the recording now and discover expert strategies for theory, analysis, optimization principles, effortlessly control geometry with the axis-based GUI of SOFiSTiK and more.


Newsletter February 2024 - Webinar Dehar River Cable-Stayed Bridge

Take part in our upcoming webinar on the Dehar River Cable-Stayed Bridge. In this exclusive session, we’ll explore essential topics, from the theoretical background of cable-stayed bridges to analysis philosophy and system optimization principles.


Newsletter January 2024 - Parametric Bridge Modelling with Grasshopper and SOFiSTiK

Enhance your engineering skills and delve into the world of parametric bridge modelling. Join us for the "Parametric Bridge Modelling with Grasshopper and SOFiSTiK" workshop, from February 27th to March 1st, 2024.


Newletter November 2023 - Recordings Online Event

Did you miss our online event about the new features in SOFiSTiK | 2024? Then watch the recordings now. We will show you how SOFiSTiK | 2024 makes your work more flexible and efficient.


Newsletter - Invitation to the Release Event for SOFiSTiK | 2024

Invitation to our online event "New features of the SOFiSTiK | 2024 version". In four compact sessions, we will introduce you to new workflows and features using practical examples.


Newsletter Release new SOFiSTiK Version 2024

New Version SOFiSTiK | 2024 – 3D Reinforcement for Bridges and BIM-ready Building Analysis. The new SOFiSTiK Version 2024 focuses on the key competencies of SOFiSTiK such as parametrics, fast solvers, and seamless interfaces, delivering them to your computer in a safe, fast and open manner.


Newsletter July 2023 - Webinar Chenab Bridge

Join us as we explore the intricacies of the Chenab Bridge's design in an exclusive session with Kilian Karius, Senior Bridge Engineer at LAP in Stuttgart, Germany. Kilian will provide insights into the technical challenges faced during the design process and explain how the SOFiSTiK model effectively addressed these challenges.


Newsletter April 2023 - SOFiSTiK BIM Workflow for Buildings

In our upcoming webinar SOFiSTiK BIM Worfklow for Buildings, our experts will introduce the new concept and will demonstrate how SOFiSTiK solutions build upon and enhance that concept to allow for a fully connected and automated workflow from the 3D BIM model to analysis.


Newsletter January 2023 - New possibilities of data exchange with the SAF format

In our upcoming joint webinar Design steel connections with SOFiSTiK and IDEA StatiCa, the experts of IDEA StatiCa and SOFiSTiK will show you the entire workflow from modeling the structure through calculation to the design of a connection.


Newsletter December 2022 - BIM in tunneling using practical examples

In our upcoming webinar BIM in tunneling - Realisation and solutions of pde Integrale Planung GmbH, we talk to Lisa Wronski and Sezen Acar-Tschunko of pde Integrale Planung GmbH about one of their major recent projects - the Koralm Tunnel in Austria.


Newsletter November 2022 - Tackling constraint effects with SOFiSTiK

Take part in our upcoming webinar about the calculation of Lysaker Station of the Fornebu Metro Line undertaken by COWI AS (Oslo). Raul Rodriguez of COWI will discuss the project and the challenges faced during the design.


Newsletter October 2022 - New features for efficient bridge and infrastructure design

In our upcoming webinar "News in SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler Version 2023", we will show you an overview and small examples of what is new and how you can successfully use these innovations for your projects.


Newsletter August 2022 - SOFiSTiK | 2023 is here!

Version 2023 is finally available with groundbreaking new automatic analytical model generator for fastest BIM-based structural design of buildings and many more highlights that make SOFiSTiK | 2023 our most adaptive version so far. Discover software that puts you in the driver's seat.


Newsletter June 22 - Challenges and optimization possibilities in the bridge building process

In our upcoming webinar Hidden high tech for the bridge building process, we talk to Florian Wilhelm, Managing Director of Austria-based LGB operations GmbH (LGB), about requirements on software for the bridge building process.


Newletter March 2022 - Intelligent software integration for a smooth transition to BIM processes

Transitioning to BIM is challenging as existing workflows can be difficult to change. Georg Pircher explains how SOFiSTiK is tackling the issue and why it is often not necessary to replace established workflows with completely new ones to achieve real improvements.


Newsletter January 22 - Free online event

Get to know SOFiSTiK (better) in 30 minutes at a time at our free online event on 17 February 2022. In one general presentation and four thematic presentations for designers and structural engineers in the fields of building design, infrastructure and bridge design, we will bring your added value and the range of application of SOFiSTiK solutions to the point.


Newsletter November 21 - New data repository for SBIM files

One of the most natural ways of building in-depth understanding of a software tool's capacity and efficient methods of using the tool is to learn from examples. This is why our SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler (SBIM) product team has put together a free data repository for project files to help users of all levels develop their skills intuitively and enhance project execution.


Newsletter September 2021 - Opening of SOFiSTiK France

SOFiSTiK has taken yet another step towards expanding its local presence and improving its service offer with the establishment of a new subsidiary in France. Based in Paris, SOFiSTiK France will cater to the market-specific needs for software and services of the construction industry of the francophone regions in Europe and Africa.


Newsletter August 2021 - New BIM Package SOFiSTiK Reinforcement

As of August 1, 2021, we have united the reinforcement products SOFiSTiK RCD and SOFiSTiK RCG in the powerful new BIM package "SOFiSTiK Reinforcement". The package specifically includes the products RCD & RCG and offers improved functionality and performance for holistic and BIM-ready reinforcement planning.


SOFiSTiK | 2022 is here! Get started with SOFiSTiK and open BIM from model to reinforcement

SOFiSTiK | 2022 is largely dedicated to optimized workflows through open interfaces. The possibility of fully seamless project planning from model right through to reinforcement opens up considerable potential for saving time all while improving quality thanks to lower error rates.


Newsletter May 2021: Introducing SOFiSTiK North America

SOFiSTiK establishes new subsidiary in the USA to advance business in North America. The new subsidiary, located in Tennessee, will serve the market-specific software and service needs of the North American construction industry and bundles outstanding expertise in solid and highly advanced BIM workflows for infrastructure, with a special focus on bridge design.