A well-practiced management team


Frank, the team player with passion for sustainability and Stefan, the agile endurance athlete.
Together they guide SOFiSTiK towards a strong future.


Stefan Maly is the CPO of SOFiSTiK AG and the head of product development. A civil engineer with a Master of Science in Computational Mechanics,
his mission is to maximize the software’s capabilities and give every user the best experience possible.
Frank Deinzer is the CEO of SOFiSTiK AG. A civil engineer, a pragmatist, and a pioneer in the digitization of the construction industry.


Frank Deinzer

Frank Deinzer has been working on IT for construction and structural engineering since his days as a student at the Technical University
of Munich. That’s also where he had his first contact with SOFiSTiK.
Then, in 1999, he joined the company as a software developer.

Today, he heads the organization after completing management assignments
in practically every department including Development, Product Management, and Sales.



Frank Deinzer on LinkedIn



Stefan Maly

Stefan Maly has been working for SOFiSTiK since 2003, initially as a presales consultant and later as the head of product management. He has been a member of the executive team since 2015.

An enthusiastic runner and cyclist, he’s always on the move. Endurance and agility are at the core of his leadership and management activities, too. Communicating in a way that gives everyone a voice, trying new things, establishing boundaries, being able to push past discomfort when it’s necessary, that’s how Stefan sees his roll as CPO and the company’s head product developer.


Stefan Maly on LinkedIn


Digitization as the focus for SOFiSTiK's developtment

With product development at SOFiSTiK, it's all about advancing the digitization of construction by creating digital technologies that unify
civil engineering and put the entire industry on course for a brighter future.


“Technology is one side of it. But digitization means re-imagining how things are connected. Things that may have always been associated with one another, but took place inside their own little worlds with little coordination. That’s why we need to see the big picture and start a conversation that includes all the participating disciplines and stakeholders.”

“If there ever was an industry that could benefit from digitization, then it’s construction. There are countless interfaces and, as a result, an infinite number of items to reconcile, any of which can be the source of errors. It’s much better and simpler to organize them with all-encompassing data streams. It’s not just about getting away from paper. We also need end-to-end data exchange.”


Communication and foresightedness as basis for innovation

“By creating solutions that are more comprehensive and consistent, we can meet the needs of our customers and users and make SOFiSTiK even better.”

Accordingly, Frank Deinzer attaches great importance to communicating with all stakeholders including customers, the market, and colleagues. Actively sharing knowledge and thinking outside the box are the most important ingredients for digitization in the construction industry.   

“We’re keeping a very close eye on which new technologies are being developed and how mature they are so our customers can be among the first to benefit from them. In the construction industry, that definitely includes blockchain technology for controlling, documentation, and billing processes.”

Stefan Maly sees SOFiSTiK as a partner to its customers considering the acute shortage of engineers and the challenges of maintaining profitability by achieving the same results with fewer experts.


Team spirit as forumula for long-term success

To Frank Deinzer, the company’s employees are its most valuable resources. And also to Stefan Maly, progress, but with prudence, and carried out
in phases that businesses and users can handle is the recipe that he will use to set the course for SOFiSTiK. By establishing a culture
of being open about mistakes with flat hierarchies and a modern approach to collaboration and management, Deinzer has put SOFiSTiK on course for a promising future as an attractive employer in a stable growth market.


“They’re the glue that holds us together. They make SOFiSTiK what it is: highly motivated, creative, disciplined. Nice people, great colleagues who are fun to work with because they think analytically and contribute their own unique perspectives.”

It doesn’t help to be first to market if your team can’t keep up with the pace you’ve set. We have to achieve it together, and that’s why I think modern continuing education options are a very important topic across the entire software industry — which means they are for SOFiSTiK, too.”

Frank Deinzer in private

Frank Deinzer is married and has two children. His free time revolves around family and sports — especially cycling and going on skiing trips. He also likes to spend time in the woods.

Stefan Maly in private

Stefan Maly is married and has three children. Besides his family, he his passionate about endurance sports and enjoys running and race biking to find a healthy balance to his everyday working life.