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You're interested in learning more about our software solutions for bridge design? We're here to help.


Get in touch with our sales team:

You're interested in learning more about our software solutions for bridge design? We're here to help.


Get in touch with our sales team:

Software for Bridge Design

All bridge structures are unique and inevitably tied to a number of geometric and analytical challenges that arise during the bridge modelling process.
Bridge types range from simple crossings to large-scale structures, connecting whole continents. This places distinctive and highly demanding requirements on suitable bridge construction software, whether used for bridge modelling or calculation. State-of-the-art bridge engineering software needs to address manifold issues such as the building/construction history, manufacturing processes, hybrid models, loads and combinations as well as conformity to numerous internationals standards.

SOFiSTiK software solutions for bridge design reliably support structural engineers all over the world in the challenges of bridge planning. Our specialized software tools cover almost every software-aided aspect of bridge design projects, from the very first preliminary draft through to the detailed design, and from 3D BIM models up to formwork and reinforcement planning.
Our thoughtfully engineered and precise bridge design solutions are designed to let you focus on what really matters.



This is what our bridge design software offers you

BIM readiness and 3D modelling


  • supports open / native / big / small BIM workflows
  • open interfaces such as IFC, .dwg, SAF, Rhinoceros, .xls …
  • project support by experienced engineers



  • one tool for all – one tool only for efficient internal and interdisciplinary (building design) know-how exchange
  • maximum license capacity thanks to joint use of calculation modules
  • save time and costs thanks to seamless parametrization for efficient structural optimization and calculation

Quality of calculation


  • proven and widely acknowledged FEM solutions „Made in Germany“
  • precise mapping / depiction of construction/building history in accordance with manufacturing processes
  • innovative technologies allow to realise structures on the edge of technical feasibility

Our software products for bridge design

Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

The SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler is a powerful Autodesk® Revit® extension for creating axis-based, parametric BIM models (bridges, tunnels, support walls, etc.).

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ultimate / 50

Your high-end packages for all requirements of structural and bridge engineering, ranging from standard bridges over small geometrically complex shell structrues to large-scale cantilever, cable-stayed and suspension bridges.


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SOFiSTiK Reinforcement

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement (RC) with the apps Reinforcement Detailing and Reinforcement Generation is your powerful BIM package for 3D reinforcement and plan derivation with Autodesk® Revit® in one product.


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is the proven, time-tested
solution for 2D reinforcement planning in AutoCAD
(also available with integrated AutoCAD OEM core).
The tool for classic 2D design.


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Reasons for SOFiSTiK bridge design software

Flexible formats for BIM in bridge construction

Remain completely flexible for diverse (BIM) workflows with our (open) interfaces to various systems.

Seamless processes for efficient planning

SOFiSTiK supports the entire planning/design process - from model creation and calculation through to formwork and reinforcement planning.

Adaptable and individual

No matter whether independent engineer or global player in the field of bridge engineering - we have the fitting solution
for your needs.

Our users‘ experiences with our software solutions

Resources and current topics


Building Bridges in Revit
- Part 1

Get to know the basic workflow and the general functionalities of the SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler. The tool allows you to model even complex parametric structures in Autodesk® Revit®.


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Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges

In this webinar, you will learn about the determination of cable and initial jacking forces at the time of installation to obtain the desired geometry as well as the calculation of member forces at the stage of traffic opening.


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Modelling of Multi-Girder Precast Bridges in SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

Definition and Detailing of Bridge Axis and Concrete Precast Girders.



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Bridge Design Training

In this extensive bridge design training, we guide you through a complete workflow for bridge design using SOFiSTiK FEM software. The project we work on is a parametric, prestressed bridge, built in multiple construction stages.


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