Software for your BIM workflow

Realize projects beyond usual BIM workflows with seamless, efficient interfaces and SOFiSTiK’s complete and unmatched openness.

Whether you are looking for software solutions for open BIM, native and integrated BIM, big or small BIM processes, SOFiSTiK’s long-standing
philosophy of openness offers you maximum connectivity and flexibility. Our products outward as well as inward openness extend your added value
far beyond the benefits of classical BIM workflows.

As one of the top high-end BIM software around the globe, SOFiSTiK’s BIM solutions fully equip you to face the challenges of
future project with ease.

SOFiSTiK´s BIM environment at a glance

Our holistic philosophy is based on three columns:

Inward openness

SOFiSTiK provides a general inward BIM openness that is ensured by various interfaces for open and native data formats. This openness
stretches right into our FEM packages, which come with a universal inward BIM compatibility.

Our FEM software offers exceptional control over your individual calculation processes. Via the text editor TEDDY
and parametric text-based input options, SOFiSTiK BIM software gives you full control to work according to your individual requirements.

Outward openness

Openness of data formats

SOFiSTiK supports the international IFC format as well as the new SAF* (Structural Analysis Format) interface initiated by Nemetschek (*new in version SOFiSTiK 2022). SAF opens up the possibility to import analytical models from a variety of source systems which considerably increases your compatibility, competitiveness and your project security.


Rethinking seamless integration


Seamless integration of SOFiSTiK software solutions for BIM is feasible even if you are already working in a set system environment. To date, we have already successfully integrated a wide range of SOFiSTiK solutions into existing environments via XLS.


Seamlessness via „real“ openness

Our output formats are a decisive corner stone of our philosophy of openness. In order to maximize the benefits of BIM software, it is essential to not only focus on interfaces but also on the transferred data contents. With this approach, SOFiSTiK software fulfills the fundamental BIM idea, enabling a boost in project outcome via a smooth data flow across the entire project lifecycle.


SOFiSTiK e.g. integrates calculation results from SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design into the respective output format. Making use of this information or  results from additional software like Autodesk’s BIM 360 tools creates a seamless big BIM process.


Project openness

The range of application of SOFiSTiK software for BIM covers the whole spectrum of building construction projects, bridge construction, tunnel construction and other structures. With the import functions from AutoCAD ®, Revit ® and Rhino ®  and with the interfaces (IFC, SAF, etc.) you can master simple and complex projects in SOFiSTiK without compromising quality, time or individual prerequisites.


The powerful combination of Rhino's NURBS modeler and Grasshopper's visual scripting editor paired with the possibilities of SOFiSTiK's FEM solutions has already led numerous customers worldwide towards successful projects.


Native and integrated BIM approaches

Integrating SOFiSTiK FEM products into the AutoCAD® environment (SOFiPLUS) allows for high processing reliability when calculating with our FEM packages.

  • For all issues concerning 3D reinforcement, our BIM package SOFiSTiK Reinforcement with the apps Reinforcement Generation and Reinforcement Detailing is the right choice. Use SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation to create 3D reinforcement from design results in Autodesk® Revit® and generate reinforcement plans and bar lists using SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing.
  • Alternatively: If you prefer working with 3D formwork and 2D reinforcement, we recommend our reliable and time-tested 2D software SOFiCAD for 2D reinforcement.
  • SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design allows analysis and design of building structures directly in Autodesk® Revit® and offers a seamless further processing in our FEM packages.
  • The SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler is your efficient application for modeling of fully parametric bridges, tunnels and structures of the infrastructure sector.


Your benefits from our BIM approach


Comprehensive philosophy of openness


  • Benefit from a much more universal and comprehensive approach to open BIM than commonly found in the market.
  • Easy integration into your system environment thanks to numerous platforms supported by SOFiSTiK.
  • Regardless of the software you currently use or where you're headed, with SOFiSTiK BIM workflows you remain flexible.

Optimum entry into and transition to BIM


  • You decide! SOFiSTiK software supports all BIM approaches, whether open BIM, native BIM, small and/or big BIM.
  • Rely on guidance and tips by our knowledgable team of civil engineers and developers.
  • Individual consultation and project support by our experienced experts.

Entrepreneurial security


  • No black box - with SOFiSTiK FEM software you remain flexible and in control.
  • Trusted BIM software “made in Germany” by a renowned manufacturer.
  • By continually developing our XLS interface, native and BIM formats, we create entrepreneurial security for your future challenges.

Our BIM software products

SOFiSTiK FEM Packages

Your complete BIM compaticle Finite Elemente Packages for all requirements of structural, bridge and infrastructure engineering.


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Analysis + Design

Your cost-effective entry into SOFiSTiK FEM and BIM software. The app supports analysis and design of building construction projects directly in Autodesk® Revit®.


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Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

Your powerful Autodesk® Revit® extension for creating axis-based, parametric BIM models (bridges, tunnels, support walls, etc.).

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SOFiSTiK Reinforcement

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement unites the powerful Revit-based apps Reinforcement Generation and Reinforcement Detailing for reliable and efficient 3D detailing and planning.


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We do not only develop - we also build!

This video features SOFiSTiK's headquater building in Nuremberg, Germany. Planning and construction were implemented in a holisitic BIM project. The project’s focus was on a seamless BIM approach from the design stage through to completion of the building and delivers a convincing real-life example of successful interdisciplinary collaboration using SOFiSTiK’s software solutions.

Resources and current topics


SOFiSTiK / Unidome

Parametric, easy and efficient optimization of sustainable voided slabs within a BIM workflow. Time and cost saving meets sustainability and quality.


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SOFiSTiK + mindCreations


Slab-tendons in a BIM-Workflow. Seamless workflow, combining industry know how from SOFiSTiK and mindCreations.

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