Newsletter May 2021: Introducing SOFiSTiK North America

Dear SOFiSTiK users, dear interested parties,

We are happy to announce that we have done a further step towards an even stronger international presence of SOFiSTiK. Our new subsidiary SOFiSTiK North America,located in Tennessee, will serve the market-specific software and service needs of the North American construction industry and bundles outstanding expertise in solid and highly advanced BIM workflows for infrastructure, with a special focus on bridge design. Operations of the technical center in the US are steered by experienced structural engineer and bridge design specialist, Andrés von Breymann, who joined SOFiSTiK in 2016.

Managing Director von Breymann is positive that SOFiSTiK has the perfect response to North American clients’ needs: “The North American market has been very responsive of SOFiSTiK´s high-level tools for bridge design, especially for big scale and challenging projects. Leading consultants have already designed several segmental, cable-stayed and (suspended structures) using our tools.”

SOFiSTiK FEA software offers advanced parametric workflows to model, analyze and design any type of bridge. Its world-class technology has given SOFiSTiK a name in the complex and long-span bridge market for concrete and steel bridges. Workflows are available to integrate bridge models with widely used BIM software.  

 “The software is great for global and local models,” says von Breymann. ”In addition to beams, 3D shell and volume elements help to safely capture all effects. The software can be used as the main design tool or for independent checks. With high-end dynamic analysis to capture seismic and wind effects and nonlinear analysis to capture cracking and yielding, SOFiSTiK is one tool to accommodate all the bridge designer´s needs.” 

With its local presence in the US, SOFiSTiK North America aims at providing the best possible user experience to its customers and stands for efficient bridge design for outstanding results. No matter how complex, what size, or type of structure, SOFiSTiK North America will guide its clients through all stages of the design process with the required expertise and tailor-made solutions. 

Further information about SOFiSTiK North Americas’ services can be found at

Your SOFiSTiK Team


ONLINE TRAINING: Soil-Structure Interaction with the Half-Space Method

In this advanced online training in two sessions, you will learn about the Half-Space theory and how to overcome problems when modeling soil as 3D volumetric finite elements or even considering the Winkler assumption. 

With the Half-Space program module, a sub-structuring technique is adopted. The structure will be represented using standard finite elements, while the soil will be modeled semi-analytically using the Half-Space Theory. 

Date & Time:

Part 1: Recorded Video Training (2h) || 12.05.2021 || 10:00-12:00 CET 

Part 2: Q&A Session (1h) || 14.05.2021 || 10:00-11:00 CET

The price for this online training is 49 € + VAT