In accordance with our claim "Software for a better design", SOFiSTiK is particularly proud of the numerous demanding projects
which have been planned and implemented with our software solutions all around the globe.

Customer Projects


No matter whether you're in Europe, Asia, South America or the Middle East - constructions that have been planned using SOFiSTiK software can be found all around the world and speak for themselves. Browse through our selection of customer projects and see for yourself what can be achieved with our products and solutions.


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Social Media References


Our users create, plan and finalise tailor-made and individual projects with SOFiSTiK software on a daily basis and bring to life smaller as well as large-scale construction projects. We are happy that our users continuously share these projects on social media and give insight into the broad field of application of SOFiSTiK products and solution.


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User Reports


Browse through our detailed user reports and read more about projects that have been implemented with SOFiSTiK software and about our users' personal experience with our software solutions.


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