The extensive additional SOFiSTiK modules offer a wide range of functionalities for complex geotechnical analysis and design. These functionalities include the analysis of vertical deformations in semi-infinite solids according to the stiffness coefficient method and 3D ground simulations for soil-structure interaction analysis (HASE).

Additionally, the linear and non-linear deformation and stress can be determined according to the Finite Element Method for any formed plain structure, which are loaded in their plain as well as for axial symmetrical 3D structures (TALPA). For 3D volume model analysis (e.g. Tunnel Boring Machine simulation) additional SOFiSTiK modules are available (ASE4).


  • Elastoplastic material models with associative/ non-associative flow and viscoplastic option (e.g. von Mise, Drucker-Prager, Mohr-Coulumb )
  • Advanced elasto-plastic model with optimized consolidation formulation (Hardening Plasticity Soil)
  • Drained and undrained soil conditions in 2D (TALPA)
  • Adaptive load incrementation with arc-length control (TALPA)
  • Automatic Phi-c reduction with arc-length control (TALPA)
  • Consideration of construction or excavation phases and primary states
  • Seepage, groundwater flow (HYDRA)
  • Tunneling (Open Construction (cut and cover), New Austrian Tunneling Method, Tunnel Boring Machine simulation, Sequential/Segmental Lining, dynamic analysis)
  • Slope failure
  • Hydraulic heave
  • Piled Rafts
  • Dynamic soil-structure interaction (SBFEM)

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IABSE San José | Costa Rica

In September 2024 the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) is holding the IABSE congress in Costa Rica.