Rhinoceros Interface

The SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface extends the functionality of the Rhinoceros Software from Robert McNeel & Associates (Rhino) so that a finite element model can be generated from the Rhino model for a structural analysis with SOFiSTiK. It includes its own feature toolbox, a toolbar for quick access to functions, and customised dialogues and settings that allow for comprehensive structural modelling directly from Rhino.

By combining Rhino’s advanced modelling functions with the proven SOFiSTiK FE technology and extensive design tools, the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros interface is the perfect complement to the analysis of complex 3D geometries.


  • Rhino geometry objects (points, curves and surfaces) can be supplemented with additional information, such as cross-sectional properties, material properties or boundary conditions
  • FE mesh generation can be done directly from Rhino
  • Coupling of the interface with SOFiSTiK tools such as Teddy or SSD for further analysis and design steps
  • Visualisation of model properties such as beam cross sections, FE meshes or boundary conditions within Rhino for rendering, documentation or evaluation purposes
  • Additional features, such as type filtering or annotation options, ensure efficient model management
  • Functions of the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface can be extended and adapted to company- or project-specific requirements by using Rhino-provided script functionalities such as RhinoScript, Python or Grasshopper.

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