3D FEM premium

The solution for challenging Projects

The 3D FEM premium package offers all the features for a successfull analysis and design for the most demanding projects in Building Construction and Industrial engineering. Appart the input option of AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS or Autodesk® Revit® Structure, the use of pile elements and nonlinear effects makes the simulation of soil-structure interaction possible.

Design according to Eurocodes, stability analysis and many international standards (eg. BS EN 1992, SNIP, AASHTO) complete the design possibilities. Along with the graphicall interactive post-processing, the integration of area-element results with Excel® interface and VBA offers full flexibility to the user.

Functionalities at a glance

  • 3D FE Beam-, pile-, shell-, slab- and shear wall elements
  • Arbitrary beam cross-sections with graphical input
  • Down- and upstand beams as finite beam elements
  • Eigenvalues
  • Simulation of construction stages and time-dependent effects for shell elements
  • Automatic determination of resulting elastic support stiffness for 2D analysis from 3D BIM Models
  • 3D R/C design in ULS and SLS according to various codes (e.g. EN 1992 with NAs: BS, EHE, FIN, IDM, NF; BS 8110, SNIP)
  • Tension-only bedding for slabs
  • Nonlinear springs and worklaws for springs
  • Nonlinear beam elements for R/C and steel
  • Theory of 2nd order and steel design analysis according to Eurocode (EE, EP with automatic sectional classification for classes 1-3 and automatic determination of effective areas for class 4)
  • Interactive graphical post-processing and plotting
  • Integration of area-element results

System requirements

  • For graphical system input with SOFiPLUS, AutoCAD ® or AutoCAD ® OEM license is required.
  • For full accessibility to BIM modelling,  Autodesk® Revit® Structure is required.

3D FEM professional

The package for BIM Analysis and 3D Design

3D FEM ultimate / ultimate 50

The high-end packages for structural engineering

Trial Version

30 day trial for free with full functionality




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