Analytical Model Generator for Autodesk® Revit®

New standards for BIM thanks to optimized analytical models 

Many engineering offices still face major hurdles when participating in BIM projects, as working in a BIM environment or on an interdisciplinary model (single-source-of-truth) involves a great amount of effort. Transferring the architectural model into a ready-to-use analytical initial model has so far required a substantial number of tedious and inefficient interim steps. Often, a lot of valuable time is lost until the structural model is optimized and a solid analytical model is ultimately available to the civil engineer. Therefore, modern and reliable technology is urgently needed to meet the ever-growing BIM requirements of the industry while ensuring that your engineering office continues to work economically. 

With the AMG, SOFiSTiK now provides all customers with the long-desired extension for automated and effortless optimization of analytical models for Revit users. The Analytical Model Generator thus opens up an easy and economical way into sustainable BIM workflows.

Your benefits at a glance



  • Provides a reliable 3D-finite element model for structural analysis 
  • Working on a common model (single source of truth) reduces susceptibility to errors  
  • Lower entry barrier for BIM projects ensures long-term competitiveness  
  • No physical model changes during optimization, analytical elements can be adjusted for a clean model 



  • Saves you a considerable amount of time thanks to the automated transfer of the FE model from Revit and rapid optimization of the analytical Revit model 
  • AMG accelerates entry into BIM-based methods by offering a fast and economical optimization tool 
  • Predefined configuration sets allow for quick optimization according to company-defined standards or engineer’s specifications 



  • Use the optimized models with various analytical software solutions (independent of SOFiSTiK software)




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