A solid team

The SOFiSTiK team includes pioneers, developers, consultants, and creative thinkers. Each one of us is personally committed to
creating powerful solutions that truly help our customers achieve their goals. 
In addition to offices in Munich and Nuremberg, SOFiSTiK also has branch locations in Graz, Tel Aviv, Atlanta, London, and Espoo.

The managing directors

Management with real-world experience 

The top management at SOFiSTiK, Frank Deinzer and Stefan Maly, have been with the company for around 20 years—they know the organization like the backs of their hands. They have taken on management assignments in every department, leaving their mark on the company’s trajectory in recent years.

They embrace openness and communication on every level. They know the needs of their customers and they keep their fingers on the pulse of the market. They also practice a cooperative management style that creates a level playing field, allowing leadership to guide the team to success.


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The management

André Fischer

Group Lead Administration / Personal


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Dr.-Ing. Martin Siffling

Group Lead Development


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Dr.-Ing. Andreas Niggl

Group Lead Development


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Georg Pircher

Director International Business Development


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Michael Baldauf

Group Lead National Sales


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Armin Dariz

Managing Director


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Gerhard du Plessis

Managing Director
SOFiSTiK Southern Afrika


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Silvia Rösch-Storey

Group Lead Administration / Personal


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Atte Mikkonen

Managing Director
SOFiN Consulting


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Dr.-Ing. Holger Heidkamp

Group Lead Development


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Stephan Kaiser

Group Lead Development


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