Th 65 (3rd Avenue) Bridge Rehabilitation Project
Minneapolis, MN


Ames Construction, Inc.


Minnesota Department of Transportation



Construction time

Phase 1: Preconstruction: March 2018
Phase 2: Construction: April 2020

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The historic Third Avenue Bridge, originally known as the St. Anthony Falls Bridge, was opened in 1918 between Second St. SE and First St. S in Minneapolis, MN.
As a designated road bridge for the Minnesota State Highway 65, the bridge was in need of significant repairs that included renovations to the bridge, improving bicycle and walking paths, and repairing concrete under the bridge while maintaining and enhancing the bridge’s historic and artistic nature. This rehabilitation project shall extended the life of this historic bridge at least 50 years as well as provide a smoother road surface, improve safety and accessibility, and enhance and preserve a significant historic feature.

To ensure that the design incorporated the Contractor’s Means and Methods for de-construction and re-construction at this challenging site, the MnDOT selected to use CM/GC project delivery for this project to include the Contractor (AMES) and Construction Engineer (FINLEY) during the Design Phase to collaborate with the Owner, Designer (Engineer of Record) and other stakeholders. The project will incorporate a top-down approach to construction in order to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, especially within the waterways below the bridge. This led to a very challenging approach for construction access on the bridge for the de-construction and rehabilitation procedures.

FINLEY has utilized BrIM (Bridge Integration Modeling) approach during the first phase of the pre-construction to assist in the visualization of the step-by-step construction phases proposed. The BrIM process has helped the CM/GC team proceed with the integration of the complex construction sequencing, scheduling, and planning for upcoming construction activities. FINLEY is the Construction Engineer to the Contractor, AMES Construction, and is responsible for the pre-construction sequence analysis, the development of the BrIM models for construction visualization, pre-construction temporary works, and engineering support for the CM/GC.