SOFiSTiK | 2022 is here! Get started with SOFiSTiK and open BIM from model to reinforcement


Dear SOFiSTiK users, dear interested parties,


we are proud to announce the release of Version 2022 of our software.

SOFiSTiK | 2022 is largely dedicated to optimized workflows through open interfaces. The possibility of fully seamless project planning from model right through to reinforcement opens up considerable potential for saving time all while improving quality thanks to lower error rates. New and enhanced model interfaces facilitate the swift implementation of highly efficient BIM workflows, letting users focus on what really matters.

Aim high with seamless planning

SOFiSTiK | 2022 offers users improved functionalities with new options for standard member verification and earthquake calculations that particularly enhance the implementation and handling of above-standard structural engineering projects. To allow for seamless and efficient BIM planning, SOFiSTiK’s powerful software toolset for building design has been complemented by additional and redesigned interfaces such as SAF and optimized methods for integrating IFC model data into projects.

For earthquake calculation, new tasks are available with special story checks according to the widely used response spectrum method. The new tasks integrate smoothly in between upstream modeling and subsequent steps for calculation and analysis. Information on the building response in the case of seismic events is generated based on the story levels that have been defined during system definition and can then be used for further design steps. Besides high-performance eigenmode analysis for big systems and targeted mode filtering, the underlying and novel FE technology enables optional stiffness reduction for structural members.

The SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Package with the BIM apps Reinforcement Detailing (RCD) and Reinforcement Generation (RCG) has been equipped with improved adaptability to and support for international planning standards. Both apps now provide optimum integration into the building construction workflow with the option to derive reinforcement plans based on the global standard by Autodesk. As a solid basis for classic 2d planning, the trusted 2D CAD software SOFiCAD rounds off the early-stage building design workflow.

Experience bridge design without borders

In the area of bridge design, SOFiSTiK strengthens its industry-renowned expertise with improved visualization options, optimized workflows, and a more international focus. 

Extended possibilities for interactive definition and visualization of the construction process in SOFiPLUS emphasize the software's efficiency for bridge design. With the new tool "Visualize Construction Sections", users get an overview of the defined construction sections and can graphically control the defined construction sequence in a clear and intuitive way. Additionally, the new command "Bridge Bearings" in SOFiPLUS now provides a functional option for generating spring sets for mapping bridge bearings with just one click. 

In line with its international growth strategy, SOFiSTiK expands the existing standards repertoire with version 2022 and now also supports the overlay system for US standards (AASHTO).

As a central open BIM tool for bridge modeling, the Rhinoceros and Grasshopper interface has already proven itself many times over in practice. The most important product for the early planning phases in bridge construction according to the BIM method remains the popular SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler, which has been equipped with further functionalities in version 2022.