SOFiSTiK | 2018 - Highlights

Our main development goals for the structural analysis and FEM version 2018 were to optimize usability and performance in combination with a totally redesigned workflow for BIM analysis and design. Read here more about the Highlights of the new software version 2018. You will find more detailed information in the broschure “SOFiSTiK | 2018 – New Features”.

SOFiSTiK Application Manager

  • Installation, automatic and manual updates for SOFiSTiK FEA and SOFiCAD using one central tool.
  • Your SOFiSTiK installation is simplified using an intuitive and clear procedure.
  • Automatic license year – servicepack mapping.
  • Servicepack downgrades possible.

SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop - DOCX output in addition to PLB

  • For higher documentation flexibility of calculation results an optional DOCX output can be activated.
  • Most tables and figures of the Report Browser format (.plb) are supported. The full functionality of the Report Browser will not be supported.

SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop - Earthquake Task

  • Accidental eccentricities according to Eurocode can be defined for each level and each direction.
  • The resulting earthquake forces for each level can be calculated based on level information defined in the task.

SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop - CSM Bridge Design Task

  • The new “CSM Bridge Design” task family allows a full graphical bridge design workflow for Eurocode based design.
  • The superpositioning task prepares design envelopes and check printouts.

Result Viewer - New Results

  • Effective cross-section properties are displayed.
  • Tangent intersection points for cross-sections consisting of circles and arcs are displayed.
  • Corresponding structural elements, beams and placements for axes can be selected and used for result representation.

SOFiPLUS (-X) - Group Visualization

  • With activated “Group Visualization”, all group members are shown in the same color. This provides a better overview and control of the current group assignment of the model.

BIM for Structural Analysis - FEA Extension for Revit

  • The ribbon bar and icons have been redesigned completely following the Revit platform style.
  • New “Analytical Check” functionality supports the analytical model optimization.
  • New command family “Subsystem View” allows the generation of views automatically for suitable subsystem analysis.

BIM for Structural Analysis - Member Design

  • Individual instances of members can be grouped as design types with additional information and an identifier.
  • For columns all necessary loads and effects are extracted from the analyzed 3D building model. Effects can be displayed in Revit tables for grouping purposes.

SOFiSTiK | 2018 - Upcoming Events

On these dates we will present new features and workflows.

26.10. | Oslo

08.11. | London

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