FEA Extension for Revit

The SOFiSTiK FEA Extension allows to generate a 3D Finite-Element model from an Autodesk® Revit® analytical model including loads and boundary conditions. Additional structural properties that affect analyses such as line hinges at slab edges or effective width for T beams can be input into Revit and interpreted by the FEA Extension.

Using the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD), analysis, enveloping, design and dimensioning for the FE systems and subsystems can be performed according to various standards and codes. Hence, the SOFiSTiK FEA Extension for Revit empowers a continuous BIM workflow in structural engineering.

Funktionalities at a glance

  • Verification of Revit analytical model for inconsistencies via the Analytical Check and complementary Warning dialog
  • (Partly or fully automatic) subsystem generation including corresponding support conditions from Revit views or directly from levels
  • Automatic load transfer option between analytical subsystem levels
  • Management and member design of reinforced concrete columns according to Eurocode directly in Revit
  • Export of member results (columns, walls, supports / foundations) to Microsoft Excel
  • Calculation and export of storey properties (storey forces, center of rigidity, center of mass) to SOFiSTiK for Earthquake design
  • Import of analysis and design results in Revit, where they can be displayed using Autodesk® Structural Analysis Toolkit for Revit®
  • Model information (like Material, Section or Load Nature Mapping) are integrated into Collaboration Workflows

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