The 2D program for construction & reinforcement featuring AutoCAD®-technology

SOFiCAD-OEM is based on the popular and trusted AutoCAD® application SOFiCAD.
The product has a built-in Autodesk AutoCAD® OEM core.


  • including AutoCAD OEM functionality
  • associative construction-specific dimensioning, hatching and altitudes
  • building material stamp according to DBV data sheets (incl. Eurocode/DIN EN 1992-1-1)
  • allows for BIM workflows (.rvt -> .dwg) and includes an interface to SOFiSTiK FE calculation software
  • break-throughs and cavities including markings
  • extensive possibilities for personalization and creating individual office standards
  • sections per running meter for detailing
  • axis grid and single axes
  • commands for tractrix curves and tunnel cross-sections
  • blocks along polylines (e.g. sheet pile walls)
  • export coordinates to text files
  • stair constructions based on standard catalogues
  • steel construction -light including a profile library for cross-sectional view


Bar and mesh reinforcement

  • all AutoCAD editing commands, properties and quick filters can also be applied to reinforcement objects
  • country-specific meshes, rebar diameters and spacers can be chosen arbitrarily in external file
  • bars with arbitrary bending shapes (DIN/ISO)
  • mesh reinforcement with arbitrary mesh grids, bespoke, ex stock and stirrup meshes
  • automated quantity determination and visible multiplier for better control
  • automatically derives bar and bending schedules
  • automatically considers concrete cover
  • allows you to view rebars as shape details with their real geometry, including corresponding bending block and bar diameter
  • integration of all bending shapes according to DIN 1356 part 10 and the new DIN EN ISO 3766
  • arbitrary iron shapes are possible by using so-called X irons
  • variable rebars along any formwork