SOFiCAD | 2018 - Highlights

The widely used SOFiCAD for AutoCAD, as well as the variation with integrated Autodesk technology SOFiCAD-OEM, is an important mainstay of our competence in 2D drafting and R/C detailing. With the new version of SOFiCAD | 2018, you will find a variety of new and revised features. Read here which new features are included in the new version. You will find more detailed information in the broschure “SOFiSTiK | 2018 – New Features”.

SOFiSTiK Application Manager

  • Installation, automatic and manual updates for SOFiSTiK FEA and SOFiCAD using one central tool.
  • Your SOFiSTiK installation is simplified using an intuitive and clear procedure.
  • Automatic license year – servicepack mapping.
  • Servicepack downgrades possible.

Label Objects

  • Label components can be moved freely using grip-handles at text boxes. Grip-handles can be added within the label editor.
  • Label styles are now exported or imported via the label editor. An assignment to a reinforcement style is not necessary.

Reinforcement Schedules

  • In addition to the standard reinforcement schedule, a new schedule is introduced with version 2018.
  • The content and layout can be customized in the new reinforcement schedule, granting the user a high amount of flexibility.
  • The schedule content is defined in a DOCX template using parameters, which can be added or removed.

Further Improvements

  • New “Browse Diameter” function allows to scan, sort and visualize bars according to their diameter.

Trial Version

30 day trial for free with full functionality