SOFiSTiK BIM Workflow

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent workflow, based on a 3D model, which provides all project planners and implementing companies involved with information and tools for efficient planning, design, construction and administration of buildings and infrastructure. All relevant structural data is digitally modelled. Unit numbers, quantities, calculation models and plans can be deduced from this database-oriented building model.

Amendments to the model occur consistently, i.e. all views, lists or other representations of the altered components are adjusted automatically.

SOFiSTiK sets great story to tell on supporting this BIM workflow and has been developing products based on Autodesk Revit for years in order to fully exploit the potential of BIM, especially for structural design.

Your advantages:

  • All steps needed, from modelling analysis and design to reinforcement detailing can be processed in a jointly used database with an open yet secure interface.
  • Plans, quantity surveying and the analytical model can be deduced
  • Increase in efficiency, planning reliability and planning quality
  • As AEC industry partner of Autodesk, continuous further development of the BIM products is guaranteed.

SOFiSTiK Interface for Revit

The SOFiSTiK Interface for Revit allows to generate a 3D Finite-Element model from an Autodesk® Revit® analytical model including loads and boundary conditions.

Additional structural properties that affect analyses such as line hinges at slab edges or effective width for T beams can be input into Revit and interpreted by the Interface.

The SOFiSTiK interface for Revit is included in SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit.


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Reinforcement Generation (RCG)

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation automatically generates a 3D rebar model inside of Autodesk® Revit® based on computed analysis and design results.

The rebar model provides an automatically generated proposition of reinforcement layout which fulfils the reinforcement requirement and which can be freely modified.

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Reinforcement Detailing (RCD)

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing significantly accelerates the creation of 2D reinforcement sheets out of 3D-Rebar models in Revit.

The product consists of software and a set of families, which can easily be modified to meet national or company standards. Creation of bar lists, bending schedules and cut lists for wire meshes is included as well.

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