SOFiSTiK Newsletter December 2017: Release SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension (Labs)

Dear SOFiSTiK User,

The implementation of the BIM method in the field of FE and structural engineering in bridge construction requires integrated processes. In order to increase the efficiency and productivity in the planning of complex bridge constructions, we now offer the possibility to import and further edit SOFiSTiK bridge models in Revit as a solid model with the SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension (SiX). SiX closes the gap between the parametric static model and 3D execution planning in Autodesk Revit. In this newsletter you will find out more about the free BIM app for bridge construction and on which events you can meet us personally.

Your SOFiSTiK Team!



SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension (Labs)

Using SiX, Revit 3D bridge models can be created out of SOFiSTiK bridge models. This Revit bridge model consists of elements such as the superstructure, piers, tendons and can be enhanced with parapets or railings. Using the current version, only beam-based bridge models can be imported. An extension of the application for other bridge models is under development. Information about all functions: SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension



SOFiSTiK / BiMOTiON Adjustment Training Fees

After 10 years without any changes, we will adjust our training fees next year for the basic and personalized training. Please find additional information about the new pricing for the personalized training on our website at Personalized training (PDF)