SOFiSTiK Group Newsletter June 2017: Preview SOFiSTiK | 2018

Newsletter from July 19th, 2017

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This is our first completely redesigned newsletter. Like always, we will use this platform to keep you informed about our latest offerings and insights. In this issue, we are excited to share the highlights of version 2018 which is expected to be available in August. Please feel free to share the newsletter, you can subscribe to it on our homepage. We encourage you to send us your feedback to help us serve you better. Please write to us at

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Preview SOFiSTiK 2018

Optimized usability and performance combined with completely new functions and workflows for BIM in building construction and infrastucture was the goal for version 2018. Based on the latest Autodesk® 2018 platforms, there will be new versions of SOFiPLUS, SOFiCAD, the FEA Extension for Revit as well as SOFiCAD and the OEM products SOFiPLUS-X and SOFiCAD OEM (german only). The new version will include many enhancements and features, here is just a short preview:


Column Design in BIM Model

An enhancement to the completely redesigned FEA Extension for Revit, allows to group members as specific design members depending on type and properties. Version 2018 will allow to perform column design checks according to Eurocode and generate calculation reports directly from Revit.


Seismic Design with Eccentricities

Earthquake analysis and seismic design according to Eurocodes requires the consideration of eccentricities per storey. 2018 version's Earthquake Task will allow the necessary input graphically.


DOCX in addition to PLB

To improve the flexibility in documenting calculation and design results, Version 2018 will allow to generate DOCX output in addition to the usual Report Browser PLB documents. However, the full functionality of the Report Browser will not be supported.



Reinforcement Detailing 2018

Our BIM App for creating reinforcement sheets for Autodesk® Revit® 2018 is available through the Autodesk App Store. Here are a few highlights of the new version: Distribute reinforcement in elements with complex shapes Copy reinforcement with all annotations, details, dimensions and related views. Creation of rebar or fabric shape details Also improvements for powerusers are important to us: Do you know the Ortho-Mode?


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License Year 2018

In April 2017 the servicepack 10 of version 2016 has been released. As in the previous year the requested license year was increased. For the current version 2016 the required license year is now 2018, as it will be for the upcoming 2018 version. Using SONAR for updating the software will not be possible without this license year 2018 (e.g. if you discontinued the software-service before April 2017). Please make sure to perform a license update or inform your administrator to do so. An overview of license years and platforms is provided in our version matrix. The latest servicepack of version 2016 is servicepack 11 released in June. For detailed information, see the RSS feeds of the log files:

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