SOFiSTiK | 2020 released with many new features and a completely re-designed user interface

Press release September 11, 2019


Oberschleissheim/Nuremberg — Construction software maker SOFiSTiK has launched a new version of its structural engineering software. Highlights in SOFiSTiK | 2020 include its capabilities in the field of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and a new and improved user experience. With additional interfaces and expanded functionality, users can now accomplish more tasks with the software, making SOFiSTiK | 2020 ready for the demands of the future.

New interfaces and capabilities
SOFiSTiK | 2020 represents the next move in SOFiSTiK’s BIM strategy. The latest version of this proven structural engineering software offers new interfaces to for instance handle the various phases of structural analysis. They include extensions that allow SOFiSTiK to collaborate with IFC models and support customized workflows for projects that involve Dynamo and Grasshopper.

With accelerated axis-based modeling for CABD technology in SOFiPLUS, it’s now easier to generate models of bridges with recurring components than ever before. Modern structural analysis and member design can now be achieved using Design Elements, which allow users to group members and integrate area results into beam forces. For BIM-based structural engineering, a completely new earthquake workflow is available that includes levels, new results such as storydrift, and design member management for wall elements. In addition, there are various BIM apps that take working with Autodesk Revit to a noticeably higher level such as results visualization in SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design, the Bridge Modeler with pre-fabricated and multi girder beam systems, a number of new bridge types, and the new customizable DOCX reinforcement schedule output from Reinforcement Detailing that is also available in Autodesk-AutoCAD environments for the proven SOFiCAD modules.

New user interface for enhanced efficiency
The completely re-designed user interface of SOFiSTiK | 2020 ensures that experienced users will be able to get even more done in less time. And for anyone who is new to SOFiSTiK, the application is even easier to learn, simplifying training considerably.

SOFiSTiK | 2020 now also offers multifunctional ribbon bars for SSD and Teddy workflows and better organization of all control elements. In addition, users will also benefit from simplified document-oriented user guidance within the Result Viewer. Programmers now have better support for Windows display scaling, for instance for use with 4K displays. “The new SOFiSTiK | 2020 user interface is the result of more than just the work of our own development team. Lots of users who work with the solution on a daily basis also contributed their own ideas,” explained Frank Deinzer, Managing Director of SOFiSTiK AG. “This way, we were able to take another big and important step forward in usability for SOFiSTiK. With the new interfaces and features, we’re leading the way to the future for our customers and giving them everything they need in a modern structural engineering tool. And of course, SOFiSTiK | 2020 is also a clear statement of our support for BIM. Building Information Modeling is the most significant innovation in the entire construction industry right now, and we’re partnering with companies like Autodesk to make the most out of it for our customers.”


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