SIXENSE Necs as new SOFiSTiK Sales Partner in France

SOFiSTiK is glad to announce its new sales partnership with SIXENSE Necs for the reselling of its FEA, BIM and CAD product lines on the French market, starting on March 2017.

SIXENSE Necs ( is a structural engineering consulting corporate, specialized in advanced studies based on numerical modelling techniques. Its expertise ranges along numerous subjects such as assessment and retrofitting, design of sensitive structure (nuclear, earthquake, blast, explosion, impact, fire, etc), complex physical phenomena (soil/structure and fluid/structure interaction, etc), nonlinear phenomena (material, geometrical, etc), material constitutive laws (concrete, HPFRC, base isolators, etc).

With this new partnership, SOFiSTiK aims at a stronger proximity with its clients and users in France, providing them with more flexibility. Your direct SOFiSTiK contact remains, as always, there for you. SOFiSTiK thus pursuits its acknowledgment of the specificities and needs of the French market, both in terms of language, workflows and standards.

SOFiSTiK FEA products are already available with NF standards (Eurocodes with National Annexes, BEAL/BPEL), including graphical interfaces and reports directly in French. SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing is available in French, with an exclusive Content Pack FR, since version 2017.

For more information or request for project consulting, feel free to contact / +33 (0)1 41 13 08 53 or