Work Laws for Rotational Springs

This example shows the definition of direct nonlinear laws for forces or moments for hinges or springs on the basis of a steel frame.At first a work law for a rotational spring is defined and assigned to the hinges of the steel frame.  Thereafter the system is calculated in three different ways: - linear analysis - non-linear analysis - analysis according to third order theoryIn the result you can see the differences between linear and non-linear analysis (e.g.: linear analysis won't consider the defined nonlinear laws).You will find the input data file viaTEDDY > help > examples... > ase > english > nonlinear_beam > hinge01.datLevel of difficulty: beginners

Type Example from Practice
Keywords work laws, hinges, springs, steel frame, ASE, SOFILOAD, linear analysis, non-linear analysis, third order theory, rotational springs, SOFiSTiK example