Wind Frame with Cable Diagonals

A wind frame crossed with tensile diagonals is represented here as an example for the application of the non-linear effects of trusses and cable elements.The input of the cross section ist done with AQUA, the input of the system is done with SOFiMSHA.The first load case is a horizontal load of 10kN (all load cases are calculated with ASE). The cable 2 fails because it can only take  tensile stresses.In the second load case the load is reduced to 9kN and the first load case is considered as primary load case (the cable 2 fails still).The horizontal load in the third load case is 1kN contratry to the previous load cases --> finally cable 2 gets tensile stresses.You will find the input data file viaTEDDY > help > examples... > ase > english > ase5_cable_trestle.datLevel of difficulty: beginners

Keywords primary load case, cable trestle, cables, ASE, NONL, PLC, SOFiSTiK example