SOFiMSHA part 1-3

SOFinars in German language only

Part 1 (zip/84mb) 

Part 2 (zip/105mb)

Part 3 (zip/131mb)

Part I is obligatory to understands part II/III!More examples for SOFiMSHA can be found here on the Infoportal or in your SOFiSTiK-installation (via TEDDY > menue help > examples...)

You are able to view your session recordings from any device that supports playback for .WMV, .MP4 (Windows) or .MOV (Mac) file.

In case of older videos a special Citrix CODEC may be necessary.

In addition to the videos you can find the presentations, example files and q&a-documents here:

Part 1 (zip/0.5mb)

Part 2 (zip/0.4mb)

Part 3 (zip/0.4mb)

Keywords SOFiMSHA, sofinar, CADINP, GENF