Saving variables to the database

After the definition of the variable #quernr it is saved to the database CDB with the record STO#name . In general variables are defined localy and are only valid for the current program module. After saving them to CDB you can recall them in other moduls with RCL#name.

To recall more variables at a time you can use RCL#0 for all numerical variables and RCL#ALL for all defined varialbes.

For more information see manual sofistik_1.pdf.


Version: FEA 2012

Example in German languange only - for translation press CTRL+Q+T in TEDDY.

Type Example from Practice
Productgroup Structural / Dynamics / FEA
Topics CADINP Input
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Date 25.06.2011
Keywords CADINP, variables, CD-BASE, CDB, save, saving