Precast Column

The illustrated 2-story precast column will be examined by second order theory with non-linear material behaviour.The input of the cross section ist done with AQUA, the input of the system is done with SOFiMSHA. After the system was calculated with ASE by first order theory, a regular design according to DIN 1045-1 is performed with AQB (the reinforcemente will be constant in each span).Thereafter the system is calculated by second order theory with ASE and Star2.The reinforcement was assumed constant for each beam in this example. This is usually best, because it corresponds to normal practice and because this way the support becomes stiffer and the deformations, which in turn induce additional stresses, remain small. For long structural members of course it is more economic to graduade the reinforcement along the lenght. In such cases the value 'SECT' should be input for 'DESI' instead of 'BEAM'.You will find the input data file viaTEDDY > help > examples... > ase > english > nonlinear_beam > aseaqb_6_precast_column.datLevel of difficulty: beginners

Keywords pre-cast column, concrete, DIN 1045-1, design, AQUA, AQB, ASE, STAR2, first order theory, second order theory, SOFiSTiK example