BRIC of air

A single BRIC-element with the properties of the material air is generated. With a Poisson’s ratio of 0.5 (input 0.49999, because 0.5 can't be computed) the material gains no stresses if a volume consistent deformation is applied (if there is no change of temperature the following is valid: p*v=constant). This cube of air now is compressed in one ASE loadcase (which results in internal pressure) and in two other loadcases deformed with constant volume. There are no stresses within the element and also no support forces.

You can find the input file via:

TEDDY > help > examples... > ase > english > bric > air.dat

Type Example from Practice
Productgroup Structural / Dynamics / FEA
Topics Material
Applications Building Design
Lightweight Structures
Date 13.07.2008
Keywords volume elements, BRIC, air, temperature, SOFiSTiK example