BE34: Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Concrete and Steel under Fire

This benchmark is concerned with the validation of the structural analysis in case of fire with respect to the general calculation method according to DIN EN 1992-1-2. Therefore test case 6 is employed as presented in Annex CC of the standard DIN EN 1992-1-2/NA:2010-03 [35]. In this example the ultimate bearing capacity of structural steel and concrete in compression, for the model shown in the figure, at varying
temperature levels, is investigated.This is one example of our Verification Manual. You can find the whole manual in SSD and TEDDY via menue Help > Verification Manual, the input data files in TEDDY via menue Help> examples... > verification.

Type Benchmark Beispiel
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Applications Allgemein
Date 27.06.2014
Keywords Benchmark example, quality assurance