BE12: Cantilever in Torsion

The problem consists of a cantilever beam as shown in the figure. The tip of the cantilever is offsetted in y-direction by my = l/200 = 2.5 cm, creating a geometrical imperfection. The beam is loaded with a transverse force Pz and an axial force Px. The imperfection acts as a lever arm for the loading, causing a torsional moment. The torsional moment at the support with respect to the local and global coordinate system is determined.This is one example of our Verification Manual. You can find the whole manual in SSD and TEDDY via menue Help > Verification Manual, the input data files in TEDDY via menue Help> examples... > verification.

Type Benchmark Beispiel
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Applications Allgemein
Date 27.06.2014
Keywords Benchmark example, quality assurance