3D Tutorial Multi Storey Building

This tutorial is an introduction into 3-d modelling of a multi-storey building. It will guide you through the whole process of modelling. Having a focus on the general approach of handling a 3-d model with our software, this example shows you the analysis according to EC 1 and 2.Our graphical user interface, the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) will be used as a command center. It allows you to control pre-processing, processing and post-processing for the entire SOFiSTiK Software suite. For the system- and load generation we will use SOFiPLUS(-X).

The chosen example of a multistorey office building deals only with the upgoing construction. The modelling of basement and foundation will not be discussed here. Please aware that we use rigid support conditions to simplify the model. This has to be modified for every project.

You will find this tutorial and the input data files on our ftp-server.

Version 23documentdata files
Version 2010documentdata files
Version 2012document (same as 2010)you may convert the data files
from version 2010 to 2012.

We also provide a video to this tutorial.

Type Tutorial
Productgroup Structural / Dynamics / FEA
Topics SOFiPLUS: graphical system generation
Applications Building Design
Date 17.10.2008
Keywords 3d, multistorage building, concrete, EC 2, modelling, wind, sofiplus, 3d-model