3D Multistorey Building

This movie shows the system generation of a 3d multistorey building with SOFiPLUS.  The following chapters are part of the movie:

  1. Introduction (2min)
  2. Create new SD Project ( 2min)
  3. Define Materials and Cross Sections (3 min)
  4. Input of Initial Floor (17 min)
  5. Changing System to 3D (1 min)
  6. Creating Vertical Structural Elements (7 min)
  7. Creating UpperFloors (11 min)
  8. Ground Floor "Modelling" (1 min)
  9. Modeling Supports (3 min)
  10. Check System (2 min)
  11. Crete Hinges (6 min)
  12. T-Beams in First Foor Slab (2 min)
  13. Adjusting the Staircase Area (3 min)
  14. Additional Loads (8 min)
  15. Export and Calculation (2 min)

This video was created with SOFiSTiK program version 2012-03.start movie.

Type Tutorial Movie
Productgroup SOFiPLUS
Topics System + Loads
Cross Section
SOFiPLUS: graphical system generation
SOFiPLUS: graphical load generation
Applications Building Design
Keywords 3d, Gebäude, mehrgeschossig, Hochbau, SOFiPLUS, raum, räumliches Modell.