2010: V09- Prof. Jean-Marc Weill

Vortrag Prof. Jean-Marc Weill (C&E Ingénierie, Paris, France)"The Olivier Strebelle Sculpture in Beijing (China)"Summary:
The purpose of the paper is to present the structural engineering design developed for the Olivier Strebelle Sculpture, so called the Athlet’s Alley, built in Beijing (China) for the Chinese Olympic Games in 2008. The Athletes Alley (100 meters long by 20 meters high), located in the western wing of the Olympic Parc, celebrates Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and is designed with five sculpture representig five Athlets holding up the Olympic rings. Giving the unusual complexity of the structural behavior of each of the sculpture, we will develop through this paper the design process followed fot the tructural engineering analysis using SOFiSTiK Softvare.Sie finden diesen Vortrag auf unserem ftp-server im geschützten Downloadbereich (Login/Password erforderlich)

Type SOFiSTiK Seminar Beiträge
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Applications Allgemein
Date 30.04.2010
Keywords Seminar-2010, Seminarvortrag,Olivier Strebelle, Athlets Alley, Sculpture