2006: V01- Prof. Breugel (TU Delft)

Vortrag Prof. Klaas van Breugel (TU Delft)Judging Engineering Concepts for Coping with Extreme EventsAbstract:Typical for extreme events is their multidisciplinary character. The complex, multidisciplinary character of hazards makes it difficult to deal with them in a simple way and to judge them against simple criteria. In this contribution different types of hazards and disasters that really took place in the past are discussed in view of their local, or sometimes global dimensions and their complexity. After that concepts for judgment hazards are dealt with. Emphasis will be on aspects that are typical for Low Probability/High Consequence risks, particularly industrial risks. This leads to a brief discussion on potential role of structural designers to mitigate the consequences of industrial accidents. This part leads to a more general discussion about our responsibility and how to deal with complex judgment processes of risk bearing activities. Sie finden diesen Vortrag auf unserem ftp-server im geschützten Downloadbereich (Login/Password erforderlich)

Type SOFiSTiK Seminar Beiträge
Productgroup Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Date 05.05.2006
Keywords Seminar 2006, Judging Engineering Concepts for Coping with Extreme Events, hazards, disasters