SOFiSTiK Bridge Design Basic Training Course


Flataustr. 14
90411 Nürnberg


Dr.techn. Olav Olsen AS
Vollsveien 17A
1366 Lysaker




11/30/2022 , 10:00 - 17:00
12/01/2022 , 09:00 - 16:00

The course will cover the basics for a solid foundation for your future projects.
By creating the course example from scratch, you will gain a good understanding of the workflow and insights into the essential applications.

General Introduction of the Software

  • Get familiar with the program structure and modules
  • Start a new project
  • Principles of modelling

Cross Section Definitions

  • Define standard cross-sections
  • Define bridge cross-sections with the Cross Section Editor


System Generation

  • Axis-based system generation in SOFiPLUS
    • Axis definition, placements; variables
    • Cross-section assignment
    • Supports

Actions and Loads

  • Introduction
  • Element Loads, free Loads
  • Definition of the Project Loads
  • Filtering and options

Analysis and Plausibility Checks

  • Linear analysis
  • Check results


  • Options and definition
  • Prestressing System
  • Export and review

Traffic Loader

  • Philosophy of lane arrangement
  • Adding load trains
  • Calculation and Load groups
  • Overview of the Traffic Loader results


Construction Stage Manager

  • Introduction
  • Define the construction sequence
  • Group activation, load activation
  • Output and load cases

Construction Stage Manager – Superposition

  • Introduction Construction Stage Manager Design Concept
  • The Superpositioning input
  • Superpositioning output

Construction Stage Manager – Design

  • Design of beam elements
  • Design input
  • Design results


  • Graphics
    • Representation of results
  • Result Viewer
    • Generation of tables
    • Export tables to Microsoft Excel
  • Result Browser
    • Report creation
    • Report export to Microsoft Word


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