Release Notes

This list represents new features and the reported issues resolved within SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit. The issues are directly reported by users via Product Support Cases and SOFiSTiK Communities.


For the optimal product experience we highly recommend to work with the latest version of the Product.

2020-1 Update Release (15.10.2019)


  • In addition to single loadcases, Revit Load Combinations are now taken into account during the analysis of a system when the option “Analyze Load Combination” is active.
  • New function enables to invalidate material, cross section or action mapping on an element basis.


  • Fixed issue in the SOFiSTiK Data Management dialog when displaying steel profiles and leading to a crash of the program.
  • Improvement of cross section displays in the SOFiSTiK Data Management dialog.
  • Improvement of identification information printed by Export to Excel

2020-0 Release (01.08.2019)


  • Porting of SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design to Autodesk Revit Version 2020
  • Design Elements can be activated for Walls in Revit allowing to determine integrated Wall forces. These results can be used e.g. for the design of shear walls in seismic analyses within the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop
  • A dedicated Dynamo package ‘SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design’ is available on the Dynamo Package Manager allowing to control the calculation process in Revit and to extract analysis results and other data from a SOFiSTiK database.
  • The command ‘Create Tendon Projection allows’ to define prestressing systems and tendons in the Revit Model for the analysis prestressed slabs.
  • New command ‘Filter Loads’ enables checking and selective display of Revit loads in the model.
  • SOFiSTiK Structural Properties are now available for Revit Boundary Condition elements
  • User defined assignment of SOFiSTiK structural element numbers is now possible for analytical models.
  • Structural point numbers can now be assigned to analytical nodes allowing to easily identify these points within SOFiSTiK later.
  • A new Structural Property enable the definition of Cables and Truss elements in the model.
  • A new command ‘SOFiSTiK Data Management’ allows to control, adjust and purge SOFiSTiK related information like sections and materials saved in the Revit file.
  • The user can now set the folder to be used as working directory for all SOFiSTiK-related files of the project
  • Changing the data source of a design group (e.g. main or subsystem) is now possible by right mouse click in the Design Browser
  • Report Browser reports (*.plb files) can be exported as Word (*.docx) files
  • In the results preview of the column design dialog now displays the reinforcement ratio.
  • From Version 2020 on, SOFiSTiK Analysis no longer creates boundary conditions automatically for columns and walls with structural foundations.


  • Fixed issue mapping hollow standard profile families
  • Fixed issue where loads being transferred between subsystems have not been determined correctly in cases where continuous girders were supported by walls.
  • Fixed issue reading results from a SOFiSTiK databasis using the Results Import.