Bridge Substructure Family

You can use Substructure command to create bridge substructure elements at the chosen placement. Substructure Families are Adaptive Families with Adaptive point. The adaptive point in the family will be taken as insertion point of at the axis. If there is no adaptive point in the Family, the origin of coordinate system will be used as insertion point.

You can find some types of Bridge Substructure Families in the installation directory .


Piers and Abutments

Pier Type 1

Pier Type 2

Pier Type 3

Abutment Type 1

You can use already prepared Revit Families, customize them or create your own ones.


If you want to customize your own Bridge Substructure Family:
  • Copy one substructure family, rename it and save it locally
  • Open the family and change the parameters or geometry according to your wish.


While creating a loop, select two points and click on the ‘Spline Through Points’ command. Otherwise you can meet some difficulties while creating the loop.


While parameterizing your Profile Family, take care, that internal loops will not intersect or be moved outside an external loop.