Create Tendon¶

Creates a Freeform Rebar object with the geometry of selected curved and activated SOFiSTiK_Tendon parameter. This object will be recognized as tendons later on.

  1. Click Add-Ins tab > SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension panel > icon_Tendon Tendon drop-down icon_Create_Tendon (Create)

    SOFiSTiK: Create Tendon dialog displays.

  2. Select a proper Rebar Bar Type (with tendon properties) and decide if you want to create a single tendon or a set. Confirm with OK.

  3. Select a host for tendons.

  4. Select curve or set of curves and click ‘Finish’.


If selected Rebar Type has not activated SOFiSTiK_Tendon parameter, this parameter will be activated automatically. Be sure that you’re selecting a proper Rebar Type.