SOFiCAD Detailing

Detailing Module

Creation of formwork-, position- and shop drawings. Contains all functionalities and elements required for structural design drawings such as associative dimensioning, level marks, hatching, symbols, etc.

SOFiCAD Reinforcement

Reinforcement module for steel bars and mesh layout

Steel bar and mesh layout for any reinforcing situation. Smooth integration in AutoCAD, flexible settings for office standards using styles, direct generation of the schedule, user-defined shapes, export of existing reinforcement for calculation according theory 2nd order, polygonal mesh layout, macros to create parametric members (For Macros Module Detailing is required).


Check, Production and layout plans for BAMTEC tailored reinforcement carpets

Fully automatic creation of carpets including all required drawings within one file, subsequent arrangement of areas, extensive editing functions, additional areas with different options. (As-value or diameter/number of bars)

SOFiCAD Stahlbau

SOFiCAD Steelwork

Creation of plans and shop drawing with schedules.

SOFiCAD Alignment

Alignment Module

Allows planning of highway structures according to user-defined alignments including axis, gradients and slope bands, tapered and widened regular cross sections including level marks, many arbitrary coordinate systems with additional constants and corresponding stakeout points.

SOFiCAD Plan Management

Simplified plan management

Project journal, organisation of all the plan’s attributes, individual plotting, automatic update of plan data, management of all drawings of the project, search functionalities, direct opening of the drawings.

SOFiCAD Quantities

Bills of quantities out of any AutoCAD drawings. Positioning on the drawing in the form of tag.

Requires Autodesk® AutoCAD®

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