3D-PDF Export

SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export extends the functionalities of Autodesk® Revit® through the generation of standard PDF documents with embedded 3D graphics. The 3D-PDF files can be opened by any PDF reader that supports the PDF 1.6 standard, such as Adobe Reader 7.0 or later. SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export uses the geometric definition of the elements in order to create an equivalent representation of the model in U3D format. Descriptive information about the particular Revit objects is embedded.

Functionalities at a glance

  • Support for all elements which can be visualized as solid in Revit 
  • Creation of a PCR and U3D file, which can be used to create interactive 3D / 2D PDF documents using a standard PDF editor.
  • Created PDF files can be opened on mobile devices.
  • Support for free-form curves and surfaces, by means of the discretization of the elements.
  • Modifying the level of detail (quality) of standard - and reinforcement elements.
  • Support for additional JavaScript’s, which can be used to improve user interaction.
  • Support for Revit Displacement functionality.
  • Considers Graphical overrides.
  • Support for 3D Annotations.
  • Definition of parameter sets to export.

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The price for subscribing to a single user license is USD 25 USD per year (all prices are excluding taxes).

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SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export 2016: Intro

3D-PDF Export

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