IABSE Conference 2017 | Bath




Bath, UK



The event aims to address the whole area ofcreativity in design and the collaborativeprocesses that generate innovation anddesign excellence in the built environment.In addition to learning from some examplesfrom completed projects, the event will focuson current and future work, with theemphasis being on conceptual design andthe design process itself rather than just theend result.

How can we encourage greater creativityand imagination in design? How can cuttingedge research be used to influence designprocesses and outcomes? How candesigners work together and collaboratemore effectively in today's design context?How can we develop an innovation mindsetin structural designers? The event willaddress these and other related questionsexploring creativity and collaboration in thestructural design process.

Sounds interesting? Have a look at the website of the event to get more information about it and also register for it. Our SOFiSTiK Team will also be there as SOFiSTiK is a bronze sponsor of the event.

Come and meet us in Bath.